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1999 - TGA

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Page Name
Trends in military intervention
- 11-Dec-99 - Pugwash - Venice, Italy
Has Blair lost the Plot?
Magazine Article - 01-Dec-99 - The Source
Airpower: is it time to leave it to the US?
Lecture - 29-Nov-99 - Madingley Hall, Cambridge
The UK & the Kosovo Operation
Lecture - 22-Nov-99 - Madingley Hall, Cambridge
European Security in the 21st C
Lecture - 14-19 November 1999 - Germany Lecture Tour
Time for European Defence
Magazine Article - 11-Nov-99 - Centre for European Reform
Briefing the new Defence Secretary
Magazine Article - 01-Nov-99 - The Source
Time for Europe to Grow Up
Lecture - 15-Oct-99 - European Movement, Oxford
Europeans outside Europe
Lecture - 08-Oct-99 - RIIA NATO Conference
Global Security in the 21st Century
Lecture - 05-Oct-99 - Nuffield Trust, London
New & Old Wars
Book Review - 01-Oct-99 - THES
Asian Security Worries
Magazine Article - 01-Oct-99 - The Source
Can the RAF change?
Magazine Article - 20-Sep-99 - The Source
East Timor & Ethical Policy
Magazine Article - 07-Sep-99 - The Source
Asian Security in the New Millennium
Lecture - 01-Sep-99 - Queens' College Cambridge
Making the Anglo-Italian European Defence Proposals Work
Magazine Article - 01-Sep-99 - The Source
Biological Weapons & Crimes of War
Book Review - Aug-99 - THES
UK Contribution to Kosovo Operation
Journal Essay - Aug-99 - IRIS
Minor adjustments to the Defence Programme?
Magazine Article - Aug-99 - The Source
More Troops, not airpower
Newspaper Article - 23-Jul-99 - The Independent
New Security Structures
Conference Paper - 04-Jul-99 - Pugwash - Castellon Spain
Giving Europe Teeth
Magazine Article - Jul-99 - The Source
Crimes against humanity
Book Review - Jul-99 - THES
Future Combat Air Systems
Lecture - 30-Jun-99 - RUSI
Now for the hard bit in Kosovo
Magazine Article - 10-Jun-99 - The Source
Reason enough to hope
Book Review - Jun-99 - THES
Problems of European Co-ordination
Lecture - 28-May-99 - WEU Institute Paris
Europe should go into Kosovo alone
Newspaper Article - 18-May-99 - The Independent
Hiroshima's Shadow
Book Review - 12-May-99 - THES
NATO Summit & Arms Control
Lecture - 04-May-99 - Council for Arms Control
Chinese Embassy -the wrong target
Newspaper Article - 02-May-99 - Mail on Sunday
Life begins at 50 - New start for NATO?
Magazine Article - May-99 - The Source
European Air Power for an uncertain world
Magazine Article - May-99 - The Officer
Europe a Strategic Power?
Lecture - 01-Apr-99 - Europe Conference - Lille
Keeping the Peace at NATO's Birthday Party
Magazine Article - Apr-99 - The Source
Technology & the Security Agenda
Lecture - 30-Mar-99 - University of Westminster
NATO Enlargement - UK Perspective
Book Chapter - 28-Mar-99 - US Naval Academy
NATO Air Campaign
Newspaper Article - 29-Mar-99 - The Independent
Last Post for the Chiefs
Journal Article - Mar-99 - RUSI
Bombing as an instrument of diplomacy
Magazine Article - 22-Feb-99 - The Source
SDR - Now the hard grind starts
Magazine Article - Feb-99 - The Source
European Defence -Is Britain serious this time?
Magazine Article - Jan-99 - The Source

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