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2001 - TGA

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2001: A more dangerous World
Magazine Article - 29-Dec-01 - The Source
Europe looks to the Future
Magazine Article - 16-Dec-01 - The Source
Britain in the Afghan Mangle?
Magazine Article - 11-Dec-01 - The Source
Afghanistan: the end game?
Magazine Article - 03-Dec-01 - The Source
ESDP:the view from Europe
Conference Paper - 29-Nov-01 - RUSI
A small hand out for Defence
Magazine Article - 29-Nov-01 - The Source
Air Power: An Introduction
Lecture - 26-Nov-01 - Madingley Hall Cambridge
European Defence moves forward slowly
Magazine Article - 21-Nov-01 - The Source
Waiting for Terror
Foreword - 16-Nov-01 - ORG
Afghanistan - what next?
Magazine Article - 14-Nov-01 - The Source
European Security
Lecture - 13-17 November 2001 - D-E G Germany Tour
The importance of Doha
Magazine Article - 08-Nov-01 - The Source
The International Response to global terrorism
Panel Contribution - 07-Nov-01 - RIIA
The Home Front on the War against Terrorism
Magazine Article - 01-Nov-01 - The Source
New Policies for a New World
Panel Contribution - 30-Oct-01 - RUSI
Wars of the 21st Century
Nairne Lecture - 26-Oct-01 - St Catherine's College, Oxford
Jack Straw and Afghanistan
Magazine Article - 22-Oct-01 - The Source
Ground Operations Start
Magazine Article - 21-Oct-01 - The Source
The Meaning of Terror
Magazine Article - 20-Oct-01 - The Source
The Limits of Air Power
Newspaper Article - 18-Oct-01 - The Independent
The Afghanistan Campaign begins
Magazine Article - 11-Oct-01 - The Source
The Bombing Starts
Newspaper Article - 09-Oct-01 - The Guardian
The Hoon Defence Review?
Magazine Article - 06-Oct-01 - The Source
International terrorism
Panel discussion - 03-Oct-01 - RIIA
A Sombre Lib Dem Conference
Magazine Article - 29-Sep-01 - The Source
Banning Nuclear Weapons
Book Review - 28-Sep-01 - THES
Preparing for War
Magazine Article - 21-Sep-01 - The Source
What can be done?
Magazine Article - 20-Sep-01 - The World Today
The Military Options
Newspaper Article - 18-Sep-01 - The Guardian
The War on Terrorism
Magazine Article - 15-Sep-01 - The Source
Terrorism in the 21st Century
Magazine Article - 12-Sep-01 - The Source
Durban: Who’s sorry now?
Magazine Article - 09-Sep-01 - The Source
Refugees, Immigration and Xenophobia
Magazine Article - 03-Sep-01 - The Source
The Future for European Military Power
Conference Paper - 31-Aug-01 - Bodo NATO Conference
Zimbabwe Policy Options
Magazine Article - 28-Aug-01 - The Source
Defence Review 2008
Magazine Article - 25-Aug-01 - Air Power Association
Macedonia - NATO Strategy
Magazine Article - 20-Aug-01 - The Source
August:The Dangerous Month
Magazine Article - 12-Aug-01 - The Source
Progress for International Justice
Magazine Article - 08-Aug-01 - The Source
Farewell to Artillery?
Magazine Article - 30-Jul-01 - Gunner Magazine
Jack Straw speaks out on Europe
Magazine Article - 28-Jul-01 - The Source
Missile test: a mixed success
Magazine Article - 22-Jul-01 - The Source
Stopping Bio Weapons
Magazine Article - 12-Jul-01 - The Source
Living with Rogue States
Magazine Article - 06-Jul-01 - The Source
The Arithmetic of Defence Policy
Journal Article - 01-Jul-01 - International Affairs
US and China
Magazine Article - 29-Jun-01 - The Source
Carriers: Full Steam Ahead?
Magazine Article - 25-Jun-01 - The Source
Enlargement: A war on two fronts?
Magazine Article - 15-Jun-01 - The Source
A Clean Sweep at the Foreign Office
Magazine Article - 12-Jun-01 - The Source
Nepal in Difficulty
Magazine Article - 08-Jun-01 - The Source
Where is Robin Cook?
Magazine Article - 30-May-01 - The Source
Election Issues:The Defence Dilemma
Magazine Article - 24-May-01 - RUSI Newsletter
Rumsfeld's Defence Review
Magazine Article - 18-May-01 - The Source
Foreign & Defence Policy in the Election
Magazine Article - 17-May-01 - The Source
Britain and Son of Star Wars
Magazine Article - 10-May-01 - The Source
European Air Power
Conference paper - 07-May-01 - Netherlands Def College
Unseasonable Army Leaking
Magazine Article - 05-May-01 - The Source
Danish Democracy at Work
Magazine Article - 01-May-01 - The Source
Taiwan Troubles
Magazine Article - 30-Apr-01 - The Source
The Mystery of Courage
Book review - 27-Apr-01 - THES
Looking at National Missile Defence from Europe
Conference paper - 25-Apr-01 - Danish Parliament
A very Swedish Presidency
Magazine Article - 19-Apr-01 - The Source
What now for Israel?
Magazine Article - 17-Apr-01 - The Source
China takes on the US
Magazine Article - 04-Apr-01 - The Source
Kiss Goodbye to Kyoto
Magazine Article - 31-Mar-01 - The Source
Defence Policy 2001
Magazine Article - 28-Mar-01 - The Source
The Military & The Civil Servant
Lecture - 26-Mar-01 - RMCS Shrivenham
Is China a threat?
Magazine Article - 25-Mar-01 - The Source
Who is running US Foreign Policy?
Magazine Article - 20-Mar-01 - The Source
MOD thinks about the Future
Magazine Article - 11-Mar-01 - The Source
Future of US Defence Policy
Magazine Article - 08-Mar-01 - The Source
The E U as an Instrument of International Security
Lecture - 08-Mar-01 - Indiana University
NATO, EU and Eastern Europe
Lecture - 07-Mar-01 - Indiana University
British Perspective on the European Union
Lecture - 07-Mar-01 - Indiana University
Moves towards European Defence
Lecture - 05-Mar-01 - Indiana University
Why States pursue nuclear weapons
Conference paper - 01-Mar-01 - Indiana University
International Security in the New Century
Audio Webcast - - Indiana University
The Politics of Economic Integration in Europe
Lecture - 26-Feb-01 - Indiana University
Keeping military pilots
Magazine Article - 20-Feb-01 - The Source
Still Bombing Iraq
Magazine Article - 18-Feb-01 - The Source
National Missile Defence plays badly in Europe
Newspaper article - 12-Feb-01 - BASIC
MOD reviews its performance
Magazine Article - 07-Feb-01 - The Source
Tanker Aircraft and European Defence
Magazine Article - 02-Feb-01 - The Source
Women in the Military
Magazine Article - 02-Feb-01 - The Source
European Security through American eyes
Magazine Article - 01-Feb-01 - The World Today
An unexpected Ministerial reshuffle
Magazine Article - 29-Jan-01 - The Source
Defence Budgets: Limits & Possibilities
Conference Paper - 29-Jan-01 - RIIA
European Defence after Nice
Briefing - 25-Jan-01 - House of Commons
European Security in the 21st Century
Lecture - 23-Jan-01 - Derby University
Another couple of billion on defence equipment
Magazine Article - 17-Jan-01 - The Source
Hague takes a view on Missile Defence
Magazine Article - 13-Jan-01 - The Source
Depleted Uranium Hits the Fan
Magazine Article - 10-Jan-01 - The Source
2001- Managing the decline in Defence Capability
Magazine Article - 03-Jan-01 - The Source
2001- New Problems for the FCO
Magazine Article - 02-Jan-01 - The Source
Clinton signs ICC Treaty
Magazine Article - 01-Jan-01 - The Source

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