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Cream Papers

Cream Papers are either Grey Papers which have been moderated by other military, civil servant or academic personnel, papers as presented and debated at UK Defence Forum meetings, or papers used in UK Defence Forum Missions or published reports worthy of further circulation.

Many of the papers listed below are available to view on-line - just click next to the paper of interest.

For access to some papers less than three years old you may be required to be a member of the forum and be issued with a password (click here for details). 

The papers are listed in date descending order.

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Page Name
Cream paper - CP 70
BBC World Service and UK Soft Power during the Arab Spring - February 2012. Address given by Liliane Landor, Controller Language Services, BBC World Service
Cream paper - CP 69
UK Maritime power – an overview - January 2012 Address by Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, First Sea Lord
Cream paper - CP 68
Can women pave the way to peace in Afghanistan? - November 2011
Cream paper - CP 67
Western European Union - July 2009
Cream paper - CP 65
Success delivered with humanity – the Royal Navy today - March 2008
Cream paper - CP 66
Medical care for the armed forces - March 2008
Cream Paper - CP 64
UK defence research and technology by Richard Maudslay CBE FREng, Chairman, Dstl - March 2008
Cream Paper - CP 63
The New NATO World Class Capabilities in Global Partnership - December 2006
Cream Paper - CP 62
Iran's Nuclear Programme - The Russian Position - December 2006
Cream Paper - CP 61
New Nukes For Old - the strategic context for any UK Trident Replacement - April 2006
Cream Paper - CP 60
Iraq Today by HE Dr Salah Al Shaikhly - February 2006
Cream Paper - CP 59
Iran's Defence of its Nuclear Programme - October 2005
Cream Paper - CP 58
Buy America Provisions & ITAR - September 2005
Cream Paper - CP 57B
Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission on a different way of organising the US Government to counter terrorism - September 2004
Cream Paper - CP 57A
Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission for a global strategy on terrorism - September 2004
Cream Paper - CP 56
This Year It’s Offsets - September 2004
Cream Paper - CP 55T
Table 1 Offset Investments, Sale of F-16 Aircraft to Poland - Septemebr 2004
Cream Paper - CP 55
Defence Trade Offsets: Evidence to Congress - September 2004
Cream Paper - CP 52
A Basic Guide To Missile Defence And The Weaponisation Of Space - August 2004
Cream Paper - CP 53
Buy America’ Provisions : An update - July2004
Cream Paper - CP 54
Letter from Baghdad: Restarting the Economy in Iraq by Dave Oliver
Cream Paper - CP 51
New century, new challenges and new responses - July 2004
Cream Paper - CP 50
Cream Paper - CP 49
Cream Paper - CP 48
The “war on terror”: two years on by Professor Paul Rogers - October 2003
Cream Paper - CP 47B
A radically new command structure for NATO September 2003
Cream Paper - CP 47A
Should the European Union be able to do everything that NATO can? A dialogue September 2003
Cream Paper - CP 47
Report on UK Defence Forum Parliamentary study visit to Brussels September 2003
Cream Paper - CP 46
The Role of the Non Commissioned Officer in the British Army by General Sir Mike Jackson - June 2003
Cream Paper - CP 45
Challenges to European transnational defence industries by Dr Thomas Enders, Executive Vice President & Head of Defence and Security Systems, EADS - July 2003
Cream Paper - CP44B
Protectionist pressures in the US June 2003 – 1 – background dossier material prepared for or presented to UK Defence Forum Study Trip to Washington DC 26-30 June 2003
Cream Paper - CP44A
ITAR waivers and ‘Buy America’ proposals UK Defence Forum mission to Washington DC, June 2003.
Cream Paper - CP43
Towards an EU defence equipment policy: European Commission draft proposals March 2003
Cream Paper - CP42
A soldier speaks – Lt Col Tim Collins
Cream Paper - CP41
Progress? A critical look at Smart Acquisition in 2002
Cream Paper - CP40
Cream Paper - CP39
Change, costs and the customer
Cream Paper - CP37
British hopes and fears following the events of 11 September (delivered by Professor Robert Worcester, MORI at the UKDF meeting on 19th November
Cream Paper - CP36
The Trans-Atlantic Technology Gap
Cream Paper - CP38
Strategic approach to defence industry policy in Australia
Cream Paper - CP35
Implementing Smart Procurement in UK - Assessment 2000
Cream Paper - CP34
A brief overview of the Defence Logistics Organisation and the effect of its key initiatives on industry - discussion paper by John Oughton, Deputy Chief of Defence Logistics
Cream Paper - CP32
British Intelligence in the new Century: Issues and Opportunities
Cream Paper - CP31
An overview of MOD research and technology demonstrator programmes
Cream Paper - CP30
Chief of Defence Logistics (CDL) - an introduction
Cream Paper - CP27
Report on UK Defence Forum Study visit to Brussels - 18-19 March 1998
Cream Paper - CP23
European Code of Conduct for Arms Sales
Cream Paper - CP21
Speech by John Spellar, Under Secretary of State for Defence on Smart Procurement at UKDF meeting held 17 February 1998)
Cream Paper - CP20
Defence Export Licensing - an MoD perspective : speech by Dr Alan M Fox, Assistant Under Secretary of State (Export Policy & Finance), MoD at the UKDF meeting on 21 January 1998
Cream Paper - CP19
Export licencing - (Derek Fatchett MP, Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office at UKDF meeting held 21 January 1998)
Cream Paper - CP18
Evidence given to the Defence Select Committee on 10 December 1997 by General John Wylsey
Cream Paper - CP17
Evidence given to the Defence Select Committee on 10 December 1997 by Vice Admiral Tod
Cream Paper - CP16
Evidence given to the Defence Select Committee on 10 December 1997 by Air Chief Marshal Sir Patrick Hind
Cream Paper - CP15
Mine detection and clearance - military equipment requirements (Col James Anderson, UKDF meeting, 28 October 1997)
Cream Paper - CP14
Strategic Defence Review - based on views at UKDF meeting held 29 September 1997
Cream Paper - CP13
European Defence Consolidation - based on views expressed at UKDF meeting held 22 July 97
Cream Paper - CP8
Thinking the Unthinkable - What price an independent Royal Air Force?
Cream Paper - CP7
Thinking the Unthinkable - New roles for Vanguard
Cream Paper - CP6
Thinking the Unthinkable - Is there need for a Main Battle Tank in the British Army?
Cream Paper - CP10
An introduction to consolidation of the European Defence Industry
Cream Paper - CP9
Thinking the Unthinkable - Modifying the Vanguard Class nuclear capacity
Cream Paper - CP5
Labour's Defence & Security Policy (Dr David Clark at UKDF meeting, 11 March)
Cream Paper - CP4
Future International Security (Michael Portillo at General Staff Academy in Moscow)
Cream Paper - CP3
A future for Defence R&D (Dr David Clark at MSF Conference)
Cream Paper - CP1
A new framework for Defence procurement (John Spellar, Forum meeting, November 96)

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