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Defence Viewpoints

We invite you to visit the new U K Defence Forum Defence Viewpoints blogsite at It has improved features and a sample and subscription link to Defence Red Box. Posts can also be seen on Twitter @defenceredbox and there is a Facebook group.

It features original contributions and reviews, sometimes of a slightly partisan nature. It also highlights interesting defence and security information and opinion from across the political spectrum - from newspaper and magazine articles to reports by think tanks and academics, reproduced with permission. Visitors are invited to add their own comments, and can search the site.

As always with the U K Defence Forum, the views of authors are theirs alone, as is the copyright. The Forum holds no views of its own - we leave readers to make up their own minds on whatever they read there.

If you have a contribution you would like to be considered for publication, please submit an article of 1,000 words +/- 500 words in Microsoft Word format to  for review. We would expect submissions to be of a Masters/Doctorate standard; with original thought; written in an informal but interesting style; thought provoking; coherent; with minimal references (although cross referenced to other U K Defence Forum materials). The Research Director and/or Director General's decision is final on publication of any submissions.