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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets generally draw on previously published data, and so are sourced. Many of the papers listed below are available to view on-line - just click next to the paper of interest.

For access to some papers less than three years old you may be required to be a member of the forum and use a password (click here for details).

The papers are listed in date descending order.

Section Library

Page Name
Fact Sheet - FS51B
Terrorist groups in South East Asia - June 2014 update
Fact Sheet - FS71
Iran's nuclear and missile programmes 2011-14 update
Fact Sheet - FS 62 update
Nuclear plans of Iran, progress report No 6 (February 2011)
Fact sheet - FS 70
UAVs UK – factsheet - April 2008
Fact sheet - FS 69
Joint Strike Fighter factsheet - January 2008
Fact sheet - FS 67
Osama Bin Laden fatwa, ‘Declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places’ (August 1996) - January 2008
Fact sheet - FS 66
Wahhabism and fundamentalism - January 2008
Fact sheet - FS 68
Japan and Defence - December 2007
Fact sheet - FS 65
Malaysian military order of battle - October 2007
Fact Sheet - FS 64
Taiwan Timeline - July 07
Fact Sheet - FS63
An introduction to Dstl - March 2007
Fact Sheet - FS47
South Africa's interests during the rise of China
Fact Sheet - FS 60
The strength and structure of the Pakistan Army 2006 - May 2006
Fact Sheet - FS 59
The strength and structure of the Pakistan Air Force - May 2006
Fact Sheet - FS 61
An Introduction to al-Qaeda April 2006
Fact Sheet - FS 51A
Active terrorist groups in South East Asia - UPDATE April 2006
Fact Sheet - FS 58
Business name suffix definition - grouped by country - March 2004
Fact Sheet - FS 57B
UK ship strategy : Potential markets part 2 - January 2004
Fact Sheet - FS 57A
UK ship strategy : Potential markets - January 2004
Fact Sheet - FS 56
Sponsored Reserves - December 2003
Fact Sheet - FS 53
U.S. military action abroad in the 20th century - published September 2003
Fact Sheet - FS 55
Defence expenditure – International comparison attempt - September 2003
Fact Sheet - FS 54
Major projects: costs & targets June 2003
Fact Sheet - FS30D
After Iraq – winners and losers Part One: Europe and the transatlantic relationship
Fact Sheet - FS 52
Royal Fleet Auxiliary 2003
Fact Sheet - FS 51
Active terrorist groups in South East Asia January 2003
Fact Sheet - FS49
The Tomahawk Family of Cruise Missiles
Fact Sheet - FS 50
Tower of Excellence - June 2002
Fact Sheet - FS48
Advanced US defence capabilities - sea
Fact Sheet - FS46
Military aircraft Boards of Inquiry
Fact Sheet - FS47
Changes in the French procurement process
Fact Sheet - FS45
Russia - small fish in a big pond?
Fact Sheet - FS44
The UK and the OECD Antibribery Convention
Fact Sheet - FS24
NATO Enlargement and the Baltic States
Fact Sheet - FS23
Sweden's Approach to European Defence
Fact Sheet - FS43
The Kosovo Force (KFOR), Its Command & Force Structure
Fact Sheet - FS42
Abbreviations commonly occurring in defence procurement (ACOIDP)
Fact Sheet - FS41
Major projects - progress report
Fact Sheet - FS38
Known cruise missile firings (as at 20/02/02)
Fact Sheet - FS40
Fact Sheet - FS39
Technology demonstrator programmes
Fact Sheet - FS37
Conventional submarines - programmes and requirements
Fact Sheet - FS36
The Defence Procurement Agency - Top Management Structure
Fact Sheet - FS35R
A guide to project sponsorship within MoD (Restricted)
Fact Sheet - FS34
Pfi project listing as of 12 October 1998
Fact Sheet - FS4U2
Endorsed staff requirements - 1998 version
Fact Sheet - FS32
Aircraft carrier ownership worldwide
Fact Sheet - FS31
Main battle tanks specifications
Fact Sheet - FS33
The world military aircraft market
Fact Sheet - FS30
MBT ownership worldwide
Fact Sheet - FS29
Submarine ownership worldwide
Fact Sheet - FS28
Production and Logistics Organisations - Nicholas Marsh
Fact Sheet - FS27
The organisation of logistics support - Group Captain Bill Robinson
Fact Sheet - FS25
Summary of troop contributors to UN peace-keeping 1997
Fact Sheet - FS26
UN peace-keeping fatalities 1948-1997
Fact Sheet - FS2U2
UN peace-keeping operations in 1998
Fact Sheet - FS1U2
Deployment of armed forces overseas April 1997
Fact Sheet - FS24
Defence Export Licensing
Fact Sheet - FS23
Export Licensing Survey conducted by the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) in November 1997
Fact Sheet - FS22
Mechanical methods of demining
Fact Sheet - FS21
Legal issues and NATO military practice in the use of mines
Fact Sheet - FS20
Mine clearance overview
Fact Sheet - FS18
Mines produced in the UK and in service with UK Armed Forces
Fact Sheet - FS19
Glossary of terms used in connection with mines
Fact Sheet - FS17
Estimates of laid landmines
Fact Sheet - FS16
Towards 100% mine detection - Review of technologies available by Dr Duncan Tytler, Redifon MEL Technology Division
Fact Sheet - FS15
Transcript review of Strategic Defence Review Seminar held in London on 3 July 1997
Fact Sheet - FS14
NATO: Madrid declaration on Euro-Atlantic security and co-operation
Fact Sheet - FS13
Conventional submarine forces worldwide
Fact Sheet - FS12
Changes in front line unit strengths 1975-1996
Fact Sheet - FS11
Commitments to the Civil Power during peacetime
Fact Sheet - FS10
'Next steps' - executive agencies
Fact Sheet - FS9
UK defence exports to 1995
Fact Sheet - FS8
Bett Report Recommendations
Fact Sheet - FS7
British treaty obligations and security commitments beyond the North Atlantic alliance - Summary
Fact Sheet - FS5
Current procurement programmes
Fact Sheet - FS6
Military Personnel Statistics 1996
Fact Sheet - FS4
Future UK procurement plans
Fact Sheet - FS3
United Nations Operations now closed
Fact Sheet - FS2
United Nations Peace-keeping operations
Fact Sheet - FS1
April 1996 Deployment of UK Armed Forces

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