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Grey Papers

Grey Papers are generally a single-author's "expert opinion on a defence-related topic. Many of the papers listed below are available to view on-line - just click next to the paper of interest.

For access to some papers less than three years old you may be required to be a member of the forum and use a password (click here for details). 

The papers are listed in date descending order.

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Page Name
Grey paper - GR176
The challenges facing the British Army 2015
Grey paper - GR159D
The Trident Alternatives Study Strategic, Technical and Political Considerations ( December 2011)
Grey paper - GR 175
Crown Versus Parliament: Who Decides on Going to War? By James Gray MP (July 2003)
Grey paper GR 175 - a review
Crown Versus Parliament: Who Decides on Going to War? by James Gray - a review
Grey Paper - GR 174
Current developments in UAV technology - July 2008
Grey paper - GR 172
Birds nest soup - Alternatives to meet UK carrier-borne aviation requirements - April 2008
Grey Paper - GR 173
Energy security and the USA military - December 2007
Grey Paper - GR 168
Aspirations and feasibility: can Russia’s defence industrial base meet Moscow’s objective of re-armament by 2025? By Guy Anderson - October 2007
Grey Paper - GR 169
A letter from Beijing: a traveller’s impression of China as a force - October 2007
Grey Paper - GR 170
Changes in China’s defence industry By Matthew Smith - October 2007
Grey Paper - GR 171
China: Worrying the neighbours? - September 2007
Grey Paper - GR 167
The Holy Qur'an and Terrorism by Nicholas Appleby - July 2007
Grey Paper - GR 165
Mergers & acquisitions in the defence and aerospace industries: 2006 and the road ahead. By Guy Anderson - May 2007
Grey Paper - GR 166
General disarray - military leaders and civilian masters - February 2007
Grey Paper - GR 164
Procurement reform and the potential rebirth of India’s defence industry by Guy Anderson - February 2007
Grey Paper - GR 162
US sanctions against Russia -Tangible implications and international comparisons of moves to combat the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. By Guy Anderson - January 2007
Grey Paper - GR 161
Private Security Companies - December 2006
Grey Paper - GR 159C
Trident replacement - questions for the uncommitted. By Jeffrey Bradford, Director of Research, UK Defence Forum - October 2006
Grey Paper - GR 160
European Aeronautics, Defence and Space (EADS): restructuring faces political pressures. By Guy Anderson - October 2006
Grey Paper - GR 159A
The case for replacing the UK deterrent By Julian Lewis MP, Shadow Defence Minister - October 2006
Grey Paper - GR 159B
Opposing a replacement of Trident. By Dr Kate Hudson, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - October 2006
Grey Paper - GR 158
Progressing Alone? European defence manufacturers consider "non-US" variants to gain advantage in the world market - August 2006
Grey Paper - GR 156
Russia's Defence Industry. A new era of protectionism and nationalisation. - July 2006
Grey Paper - GR 157
National missile defence - Friend or foe? - July 2006
Grey Paper - GR 155
Trans-atlantic growth - Strategies of European countries looking to access the US Defense market, and potential obstacles - June 2006
Grey Paper - GR 154
The Human Impact of War by Donna Johnston MBACP - May 2006
Grey Paper - GR 153
Widening the Trans-Atlantic Gap? - The potential for a self-sufficient European defence industry, independent of the US. - March 2006
Grey Paper - GR 152
A strategy for coherent risk management - February 2006
Grey Paper - GR 151
The future: Space warfare? - September 2005
Grey Paper - GR 150
UN Reform - Annan's crowning achievement? - July 2005
Grey Paper - GR 149
Network enabled capability - an update - June 2005
Grey Paper - GR 148
After the Cold War and Beyond in Iraq: The US, European Union and NATO - June 2005
Grey Paper - GR 146
Where Is Putin taking Russia? - June 2005
Grey Paper - GR 147
The Neo Conservative Influence in Bush's Second Administration - June 2005
Grey Paper - GR 145
Post-war Iraq - A Failure of US Politico-Military Strategy? - May 2005
Grey Paper - GR 144
The Effects Based Approach to Conflict - April 2005
Grey Paper - GR 143
Future Conflict and Air Warfare - April 2005
Grey Paper - GR 142
Iran: Future Political Landscape - March 2005
Grey Paper - GR 141
MOD Research and Development - A look at the numbers - February 2005
Grey Paper - GR 140
Human and Technical Intelligence - Value for money? - November 2004
Grey Paper - GR 139
The New 30 Years War: Underlying Issues - September 2004
Grey Paper - GR 138
Iran on the Nuclear Threshold - September 2004
Grey Paper - GR 136
The Role Of Private Military Companies In Modern Warfare - September 2004
Grey Paper - GR 137
Non-Proliferation - lessons form Iran & N Korea - September 2004
Grey Paper - GR 135
Will China Be Resurgent? - September 2004
Grey Paper - GR 134
Who will win the US Presidential election? - August 2004
Grey Paper - GR133A
Defence Under President Kerry (appendices)
Grey Paper - GR 133
Defence Under President Kerry - August 2004
Grey Paper - GR 130
An Introduction To Network Enabled Concept By Paul Flusk - July 2004
Grey Paper - GR 132
Non-proliferation: current lessons from Iran and North Korea - July 2004
Grey Paper - GR 131
South Africa: ten years on - July 2004
Grey Paper - GR128
USAID in Liberia
Grey Paper - GR129
An assessment of NATO's command of ISAF operations in Afghanistan
Grey Paper - GR127
The Intervention in the Congo - Some lessons learned
Grey Paper - GR126
Happy Birthday! The Ministry Of Defence at 40
Grey Paper - GR124
Overstretch in the UK and US Armed Forces
Grey Paper - GR125
Grey Paper - GR123
Pirates - Terrorists in training?
Grey Paper - GR122
NATO expansion: Questions of interoperability and effectiveness
Grey Paper - GR121
Toward Pax Americana: The Pentagon’s new map. It explains why we’re going to war,and why we’ll keep going to war. By Thomas P.M. Barnett, U.S. Naval War College
Grey Paper - GR120
The return of overstretch
Grey Paper - GR118
Research & technology – continuing challenges
Grey Paper - GR119
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism
Grey Paper - GR117
Towards Pax Americana: World Overview 2003
Grey Paper - GR112
United States nuclear strategic thinking in the 21st Century.
Grey Paper - GR113
A Marshall Plan for post Saddam Iraq?
Grey Paper - GR114
Towards Pax Americana: terrorist threats in Southeast Asia
Grey Paper - GR115
Towards Pax American: American energy requirements and the importance of securing West Africa
Grey Paper - GR116
Towards Pax Americana: Latin America: trouble in Washington’s backyard ?
Grey Paper - GR111
Turkey after the November 2002 elections
Grey Paper - GR108
French Defence Budget Law 2002 and its implications for European defence
Grey Paper - GR109
Thirty years on: reflections on CVA-01 versus TSR2
Grey Paper - GR110
A new Thirty Years War: Towards Pax Americana
Grey Paper - GR107
European defence spending: up to the job?
Grey Paper - GR106
A coalition of the willing for Iraq . . . and implications for ISAF in Kabul.
Grey Paper - GR105
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction
Grey Paper - GR104
Thinking the unthinkable: and independent Scotland Its impact on UK defence
Grey Paper - GR103
We can't "Go it alone" An American perspective of the British-American Alliance
Grey Paper - GR102
Airborne forces; light equals might?
Grey Paper - GR101
The US and Iraq :Prospects and Scenarios
Grey Paper - GR100
Warfighting vs Gendarmerie: Special Forces
Grey Paper - GR99
4th generation warfare - the challenge of asymmetric conflict
Grey Paper - GR97
Islamic terrorism: The Indonesian experience
Grey Paper - GR98
Reflections on digitization of the battlefield
Grey Paper - GR95
Thinking the unthinkable: Britain's future aircraft carrier
Grey Paper - GR96
Warfighting v Gendarmerie: the Swedish model
Grey Paper - GR93
The threat of chemical-biological terrorism -expect the unexpected
Grey Paper - GR94
How simple is simple - creating nuclear weapons
Grey Paper - GR92
Disability and the armed forces - recent moves
Grey Paper - GR91
A future for artillery
Grey Paper - GR90
Opening the French defence market - the perspecitve of an Anglophile Frenchman
Grey Paper - GR88
Montenegro and Balkan Security
Grey Paper - GR89
Strenthening the ties between Russia and Western European institutions
Grey Paper - GR87
Hezbollah and Hamas: A marriage made in Israel?
Grey Paper - GR86
Warfighting vs Gendarmerie: Inside Kosovo today
Grey Paper - GR85
Globalisation and the Defence Industry
Grey Paper - GR84
Ethnic minorities,and the British Armed Forces
Grey Paper - GR83
In Russia what's not a secret
Grey Paper - GR82
Warfighting v Gendarmerie Part II. Letter from Tuzla
Grey Paper - GR81
United States Foreign Policy: New President, New Era?
Grey Paper - GR80
Opening the US Defence Market
Grey Paper - GR79
The National Missile Defence Debate
Grey Paper - GR78
George Robertson's Agenda as NATO Secretary General (Part 1)
Grey Paper - GR77
Evolving Conservative defence policies – the people drivers
Grey Paper - GR76
The Changing Face of the Bundeswehr
Grey Paper - GR75
Conservative Defence & Security Policy - an appreciation
Grey Paper - GR74
Some thoughts on 21st century warfare
Grey Paper - GR73
The "Splendid" Outlook - the RN submarine flotilla on camera
Grey Paper - GR72
Artillery: Form Support to Strike
Grey Paper - GR69
'Asymmetric' Threats - an introduction
Grey Paper - GR70
The Defence Budget to 2005
Grey Paper - GR71
Humanitarian Aid in the Balkans - First Lessons
Grey Paper - GR67
Next generation global navigation systems
Grey Paper - GR66
The utility of the use of force in future conflicts
Grey Paper - GR65
Missile defence: the present status of UK policy
Grey Paper - GR64
For the RN Submarine Service? - by Captain Nemo
Grey Paper - GR63
Smart Procurement and its implementation
Grey Paper - GR62
Consolidation within the European armoured vehicle industry - progress report
Grey Paper - GR61
Implications of the German Elections on the country's defence policy and the restructuring of Europe's defence industry
Grey Paper - GR58
The effect of the invitation to join NATO on the defence markets in the three states of central Europe Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR59
Directed Energy Weapons - Star Wars meets the battlefield.
Grey Paper - GR56
Implications of the Asian financial crisis for regional security and defence exports - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR57
Issues involved in development pilotless combat aircraft - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR54
Thinking the Unthinkable : Scrap Project Horizon
Grey Paper - GR55
Northern Ireland - what does it mean for the Army?
Grey Paper - GR53
Defence Procurement: Will we be Smart or still dumb? - Bill Kincaid
Grey Paper - GR51
Russian naval modernisation - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR52
Chinese development of her military capabilities - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR49
Smart Procurement : an Overview - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR50
Electronic Commerce applied to defence procurement - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR48
Information warfare : how much substance beneath the hype? - Peter Mandaville
Grey Paper - GR44
Britain's Reserve Forces - John Wilkinson MP
Grey Paper - GR45
International defence export license control regimes - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR47
Caspian Sea conflicts - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR46
UK Defence exports - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR43
Peacekeeping operations - when should the UK become involved?
Grey Paper - GR42
Is there a future for the Aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy?
Grey Paper - GR40
Military history and uses of landmines
Grey Paper - GR41
The effects of landmines on civilian populations
Grey Paper - GR39
Strategic Defence Review - based on views at UKDF meeting held 29 September 1997 (see CP14)
Grey Paper - GR38
Trends in International Security - Nicholas Marsh
Grey Paper - GR36
European Defence Consolidation - based on views expressed at UKDF meeting held 22 July 97 (see CP13)
Grey Paper - GR37
Proaction mediation and the new security : The European Centre for International Conflict Resolution - Nicholas Marsh and Peter Mandaville
Grey Paper - GR35
Defence Equipment Acquisition : the European Dimension 10/11 July 97 - keynote address by Sir Robert Walmsley KCB AM FIEE, Chief of Defence Ministry of Defence Procurement, UK
Grey Paper - GR60
Thinking the Unthinkable: Scrap Project Horizon
Grey Paper - GR33
Thinking the Unthinkable - The collapse of the Atlantic alliance (see CP11)
Grey Paper - GR34
Controlling defence expenditure - a synopsis of the presentation by Roger Jackling, Second Permanent Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence at UKDF meeting, 10 June) (see CP12)
Grey Paper - GR32
An introduction to consolidation of the European Defence Industry (see CP10)
Grey Paper - GR31
Thinking the Unthinkable - Modifying the Vanguard Class nuclear capacity (see CP9)
Grey Paper - GR30
Thinking the Unthinkable - What price an independent Royal Air Force? (see CP8)
Grey Paper - GR28
Thinking the Unthinkable - Is there need for a Main Battle Tank in the British Army? (see CP6)
Grey Paper - GR29
Thinking the Unthinkable - New roles for Vanguard
Grey Paper - GR26
The security context and present capabilities
Grey Paper - GR27
The Conservative Defence Perspective for the New Parliament
Grey Paper - GR25
New Government - New Procurement Strategy?
Grey Paper - GR24
Labour's Defence & Security Policy (Dr David Clark at UKDF meeting, 11 March) (see CP5)
Grey Paper - GR18
The requirement for UK expeditionary forces in the post-Cold War era
Grey Paper - GR19
Stealth technology - where to?
Grey Paper - GR20
Is Gibraltar still important for European security?
Grey Paper - GR21
Replacement for the Eurofighter - military and industrial considerations
Grey Paper - GR22
Missiles rather than artillery shells
Grey Paper - GR23
Overstretch and the changing relationship between the military and civil society
Grey Paper - GR17
A Military University
Grey Paper - GR13
Future International Security (Michael Portillo at General Staff Academy in Moscow) (see CP4)
Grey Paper - GR15
Exports : An Industry Perspective
Grey Paper - GR16
Introduction to the UK Defence Industry
Grey Paper - GR14
The Gurkhas
Grey Paper - GR12
Alternative Defence Procurement - The Australian Model
Grey Paper - GR7
Towards a defence industrial strategy: identifying the industrial base
Grey Paper - GR8
A new framework for Defence procurement (John Spellar, Forum Meeting, November 96) (see CP1)
Grey Paper - GR9
Views of Procurement, (Forum Meeting, November 1996 (see CP2)
Grey Paper - GR10
A future for Defence R&D (Dr David Clark at MSF Conference) (see CP3)
Grey Paper - GR11
Reviewing Defence - the Australian experience
Grey Paper - GR6
The Australian defence industrial strategy
Grey Paper - GR5
British treaty obligations and security commitments beyond the North Atlantic alliance
Grey Paper - GR4
Two principles for a defence review
Grey Paper - GR3
The implications of lessons learnt from Desert Storm for the JSF and FOA
Grey Paper - GR2
A single medical service
Grey Paper - GR1
Defence diversification in the UK

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