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Regional Studies

Regional Studies are country or geographical strategic reviews.

Many of the papers listed below are available to view on-line - just click next to the paper of interest.

For access to some papers less than three years old you may be required to be a member of the forum and be issued with a password (click here for details).

The papers are listed in date descending order.

Section Library

Page Name
Regional study - RS76B
Russia in the 21st Century (9) - the impact of 2014 Afghanistan withdrawl
Regional study - RS88A
The rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the Republic of Turkey
Regional study - RS88C
Turkey's economic outlook
Regional study - RS88B
Turkey's demographic outlook
Regional study - RS88
Turkey project - overview and index of previous work
Regional study - RS87
Geopolitical shifts in the Eastern Mediterranean
Regional study - RS86B
A two state solution: an Israeli view with Palestinian persepectives.
Regional study - RS86A
Historical precedents for the rise of political Islam
Regional study - RS86
Political Islam - research project overview and introduction
Regional study - RS 85
The Importance and Future of UK Relations with the GCC States (April 2012)
Regional study - RS 84D
Iranian Insights - British-Iranian relations
Regional study - RS 84A
Iranian Insights : An index
Regional study - RS 84B
Iranian Insights : Helping Iran to help itself towards freedom and democracy
Regional study - RS 84C
Iran insights - Iran’s intelligence and security apparatus
Regional study - RS 82A
North Korea Grand Strategy
Regional study - RS 82B
North Korea and Global Economic Rebalancing
Regional study - RS 82C
North Korea and the Deepening Sino-American Relationship
Regional study - RS 82D
North Korea Policy Objectives
Regional study - RS 82E
North Korea National Trajectory
Regional study - RS 82F
North Korea and Islamist terrorism
Regional study - RS 82G
North Korea and Middle Eastern Nuclear Proliferation
Regional study - RS 82H
North Korea Interest in Global Energy Security
Regional study - RS 83 (I)
Index of papers about Russia
Regional study - RS 81
North Korean nuclear weapons programme (February 2011)
Regional study - RS 80
Across the Mediterranean : Egypt - a history, in brief (January 2011)
Regional study - RS 79A
Around the Middle East - an index
Regional study - RS 79
Around the Middle East - United Arab Emirates (January 2011)
Regional study - RS 77
The Great Game – a brief history of Afghanistan (September 2010)
Regional study - RS 76
Russia in the 21st Century (8): Modernisation of the Russian Army: hesitant reform and rapid rearmament (September 2010)
Regional study - RS 78
Turkish foreign policy at a crossroads (September 2010)
Regional study - RS 75
Russia in the 21st Century (7): Russia and the West: the perceptions and misperceptions that define the relationship (June 2010)
Regional Study - RS 74
Russia in the 21st Century (6): Russian energy policy for the 21st century (May 2010)
Regional study - RS 73
A friend in need: Vietnam’s contemporary defence policies (April 2010)
Regional study - RS 72
India’s defence and security policies: fighting on all fronts (April 2010)
Regional study - RS 71
Russia in the 21st Century (5) : New Russian proposals for a European Security Treaty (March 2010)
Regional study - RS 70
Russia in the 21st Century (4) : Crime and corruption in modern Russia (March 2010)
Regional study - RS 69
Russia in the 21st Century(3): The impact of climate change on the geopolitics of the Arctic (Feb 2010)
Regional study - RS 68
Russia in the 21st Century (2): Confronting the mortality maelstrom (Jan 2010)
Regional study - RS 67
Argentina: a political overview (Dec 2009)
Regional Study - RS 66
Brazil: A political overview of an emerging power (Nov 2009)
Regional Study - RS 65
Colombia: A political overview (Nov 2009)
Regional study - RS 64
Western reactions to Russian proposals for new security architecture (October 2009)
Regional study - RS 63
Russia in the 21st Century (1):Towards a new security architecture (October 2009)
Regional study - RS 62
Cuba after Fidel Castro (Aug 2009)
Regional study - RS 61
Venezuela: A political overview (July 2009)
Regional study - RS 60
The Transcaucus - Armenia and Azerbaijan: an update (June 2009)
Regional study - RS 59
Belarus: A political overview (June 2009)
Regional study - RS 58
Russia and Network-Centric Warfare? (July 2008)
Regional study - RS 57
The most important geostrategic issue for the UK? Pakistan – with friends like these………. (July 2008)
Regional study - RS 56
Parliament v Constitutional Court in Turkey (June 2008)
Regional study - RS 55
Cambodia - A political overview ahead of the 2008 elections (April 2008)
Regional study - RS 54
Sri Lanka - Political update (April 2008)
Regional study - RS 53
Burma - A political update (April 2008)
Regional study RS 51
Vietnam - A political overview (March 2008)
Regional study - RS 52
Canadian foreign and defence policy since 1990 (March 2008)
Regional study - RS 50F
Across the Mediterranean - North African dynamics: Relations between Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, the European Union and other major powers - January 2008
Regional study - RS 50E
Across the Mediterranean : Tunisia – market analysis (Nov 2007)
Regional study - RS 50D
Across the Mediterranean: Algeria – Procurement and the drive to secure energy (Nov 2007)
Regional Study - RS 50C
Across the Mediterranean : Egypt- Procurement and the North African market (Nov 2007)
Regional study - RS 50B
Across the Mediterranean : Defence procurement and market access in Libya (Nov 2007)
Regional study - RS 50A
Across the Mediterranean - Morocco: market access and procurement (Nov 2007)
Regional Study - RS 49
Towards Reunification? The limits of South Korean engagement with Pyongyang (Feb 2007)
Regional Study - RS 48
Pusthunwali - Afghanistan's cultural background (Oct 2006)
Regional Study - RS 47
South Africa's interests during the rise of China (Aug 2006)
Regional Study - RS 46
Where now for Iran's nuclear programme? (July 2006 update)
Regional Study - RS40A
The political fallout of the May riots - postscript to a letter from Kabul (June 2006)
Regional Study - RS45
Trilateral land exchange between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Egypt: A solution to promote peace? (May 2006)
Regional Study - RS44
Pakistan's defence policy in a tough neighbourhood. (May 2006)
Regional Study - RS26A
Uzbekistan - A Political Overview 2006
Regional Study - RS42
Russia's defence exports resurgence, 2005
Regional Study - RS41
India's defence equipment needs (2006)
Regional Study - RS40
Letters from Afghanistan - No Happy Afghan New Year?
Regional Study - RS43
The economic development of the People's Republic of China (2005 assessment)
Regional Study - RS38
Central and Eastern Europe: an overview February 2006 by Nick Watts
Regional Study - RS39
Iran's non-nuclear defence procurement 2006
Regional Study - RS37
A Balancing Act: Influences on Turkey's foreign policy by Joshua R Blumenfeld
Regional Study - RS36
The Military Power of the People's Republic of China 2005. A synopsis of Annual Report to Congress by the US Dept of Defense. (Part of UKDF China Watch series)
Regional Study - RS35
Nigeria - A Perspective
Regional Study - RS34
West Africa - Still the Wild West?
Regional Study - RS33
China and Africa
Regional Study - RS32
NEPAD: Self Help in Africa and APRM
Regional Study - RS27
Valuing the Defence and Component Manufacturing Sectors in the North East of England
Regional Study - RS30H
After Iraq: emerging military lessons of the 2003 war
Regional Study - RS30G
After Iraq: The two Gulf Wars: Some strategic comparisons
Regional Study - RS31
The Progress of Peace in six world trouble spots: (Angola, Sudan, the Cote d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Sri Lanka)
Regional Study - RS30F
Repairing the damage: The Future Relationship between Islamic states and the West
Regional Study - RS30E
After Iraq: – winners and losers Part Two: Middle Eastern power and polities
Regional Study - RS30D
After Iraq – winners and losers Part One: Europe and the transatlantic relationship
Regional Study - RS29G
The Washington-Beijing relationship
Regional Study - RS30C
Crisis on the Korean peninsula
Regional Study - RS30B
After Iraq: Washington’s view of Syria
Regional Study - RS30A
After Iraq: Washington’s view of Iran
Regional Study - RS29F
Labour unrest in China
Regional Study - RS29E
Instability in China’s Far West
Regional Study - RS29D
China, Central Asia and the Energy Imperative
Regional Study - RS29C
China and the South China Sea: A dormant conflict?
Regional Study - RS29B
China-Taiwan: A new relationship?
Regional Study - RS 28B
The Transcaucus - Armenia and Azerbaijan: An Update May 2003
Regional Study - RS29A
China Watch: Respositioning the PLA: China’s new Defence White Paper
Regional Study - RS28A
GEORGIA: a country update
Regional Study - RS26D
Tajikistan: A Political Overview
Regional Study - RS26A
Uzbekistan (2006 update)
Regional Study - RS26E
Kyrgyzstan: A political overview
Regional Study - RS26C
Turkmenistan: A political overview
Regional Study - RS26B
Kazakhstan: A political overview
Regional Study - RS26
The Stans: The Great Game updated
Regional Study - RS25
Taiwan and the Japan U.S. Alliance
Regional Study - RS24
NATO Enlargement and the Baltic States
Regional Study - RS23
Sweden's Approach to European Defence
Regional Study - RS22
Emerging Situtation in the Middle East and the consequences for Western Interests
Regional Study - RS21
The influence of China in Panama
Regional Study - RS20
The geopolitical implications of the Iranian elections
Regional Study - RS19
Report by the US Defence Secretary on Military modernisation in China
Regional Study - RS18
China - the next East Asian domino?
Regional Study - RS17
The Russian mafia - how much power beneath the hype?
Regional Study - RS16
Indonesian instabilities and security issues
Regional Study - RS15
South Africa: The future starts here
Regional Study - RS11
Don’t Look Back In Anger - Lessons Learnt From The Start Of The Yugoslav Crisis
Regional Study - RS14
Oil on troubled borders
Regional Study - RS10
Should Britain maintain its defence commitments in Latin America?
Regional Study - RS13
Bahrain-Qatar relations at lowest Ebb
Regional Study - RS12
Brunei Darussalam
Regional Study - RS9
Taiwan and the division of the world
Regional Study - RS8
The Spratly Islands dispute
Regional Study - RS7
The Greek-Turkish conflict
Regional Study - RS6
The implications of the Dhahran bomb
Regional Study - RS5
Israel and Political Violence
Regional Study - RS4
Arms exports to the Gulf
Regional Study - RS3
The Gulf
Regional Study - RS2
Russia Post the Presidential elections
Regional Study - RS1
Whither Russia

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