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Research archives

U K Defence Forum papers have been published since 1996. Over the last few years, opinion pieces and those with short run validity have been published in Defence Viewpoints  which also has a comment facility for readers.

We welcome contributions from new writers on Regular writers may be awarded the status of Research Associates (see the Secretariat section for current listing)

We also promote a Tim Garden Essay Competition from time to time. Short listed entries are published in Defence Viewpoints the winning entry in the Tim Garden archive. 

Research papers fall into the following categories:

Code Category Description
Gr Grey Papers Generally a single-author "expert opinion" on a defence-related topic
CP Cream Papers Either Grey Papers which have been moderated by other military, civil servant or academic personnel or papers as presented and debated at UK Defence Forum meetings.
RS Regional study Generally fact-based, single author.
FS Fact sheet Generally draw on previously published data, and so sourced.
M Millibrief A short single topic briefing of a factual nature.
TS Themed Studies

General disclaimer

The views of authors are their own and they retain copyright in the text. The UK Defence Forum holds no corporate view on any opinions expressed, nor gives any warranties as to facts, therein. For clarity authors are encouraged to minimise references, although papers may be prepared using public domain information. Any other person concerned that their work is being improperly used should consult the Director General who will use best endeavours to resolve matters amicably.
Usual academic conventions apply. All use of any material contained on this site should be properly cited. Permission from the Director General of the U K Defence Forum should be obtained before reproducing any of the papers in full or in part.