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2007 - TGA

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Defence policy in difficulty
Article - 17/06/2007 - Cambridge Society
Swords and Ploughshares
Review - 15/06/2007 - Lib Dem News
Cluster Munitions
Speech - 17/05/2001 - House of Lords
War Powers
Speech - 01/05/2007 - House of Lords
Defence policy: difficult choices
Lecture - 26/04/2007 - DIC 07 Conference
Rethinking Defence Policy
Lecture - 24/04/2007 - Royal Aeronautical Soc
Hostage Fiasco
Article - 20/04/2007 - Lib Dem News
RN Hostages
Speech - 16/04/2007 - House of Lords
Corruption Bill (2nd Reading)
Speech - 16/03/2007 - House of Lords
Armed Forces Debate
Speech - 15/03/2007 - House of Lords
Lib Dem Trident Policy Debate
Speech - 03/03/2007 - Lib Dem Conference
Troop reductions in Bosnia
Speech - 01/03/2007 - House of Lords
Troops to Afghanistan
Speech - 26/02/2007 - House of Lords
Blair missed his chance on Iraq
Article - 25/02/2007 - Independent on Sunday
Speech - 22/02/2007 - House of Lords
Corruption and Security
Speech - 01/02/2007 - House of Lords
The UK nuclear deterrent
Speech - 24/01/2007 - House of Lords
Governance and Corruption
Speech - 11/01/2007 - House of Lords

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