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Themed Studies

Many of the papers listed below are available to view on-line - just click next to the paper of interest.

For access to some papers less than three years old you may be required to be a member of the forum and use a password (click here for details).

The papers are listed in date descending order.

Section Library

Page Name
Themed Study - TS 17
Vehicle survivability in Afghanistan: counter-insurgency versus force protection
Themed Study - TS16
The nexus between Weapons Technical Intelligence and Biometrics in Afghanistan (September 2010) by Alex Shone
Themed Study - TS 15
Counter IED strategy: shooting the archers, not arrows
Themed Studies - TS13
Oil Wars By Professor Renfrew Christie
Themed Studies - TS12A
Unmanned aerial vehicles: Issues and Outlook 2006
Themed Study - TS14
Oil and Africa By Professor Renfrew Christie
Themed Studies - TS11B
Themed Studies - TS11A
Understanding Options for Change 15 years on - Executive Summary
Themed Studies - TS10
Advanced US Defence Capabilities - an introduction
Themed Studies - TS7
Digitization of the battlespace
Themed Studies - TS6
Micro air vehicles
Themed Studies - TS5
Wars Downstream - Potential for conflict arising from hydrological time bombs
Themed Studies - TS4
The promise and pitfalls of technology - The strategic impact of high technology
Themed Studies - TS9
Global Warming: A National Security Threat
Themed Studies - TS2
Perception and conflict - Psychological understanding of conflict
Themed Studies - TS8
Applying Stealth
Themed Studies - TS1
Defence and globalisation- The strategic impact of the process of globalisation

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