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The UK Defence Forum meets on a regular basis in London: Briefing meetings may be attended by politicians, academics, senior industrialists, and military personnel. Addresses are given on a Chatham House Rule basis, and subsequent discussions are off the record, to encourage openness and the sharing of information. Occasionally speakers consent for their remarks to be published subsequently, after further review, or in the form of interviews, on Defence Viewpoints.

Each of our meetings provide relevant and pertinent key talks from informed observers or participants in the defence and security domain.

A full list of our previous meetings, including details of the key speaker and the title of their address, can be seen below.

The Chatham House Rule is: "participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation(s) of the speakers nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

Meetings & Events

Date Topic Details
20/03/2019 Information operations Greg Rowett
11/02/2019 The role of Intelligence Sir John Scarlett Chair: Douglas Chapman MP
17/12/2018 Project Tempest and UCAVs Douglas Barrie, IISS. Chair : Baroness Garden of Frognal
19/11/2018 Defence and prosperity Philip Dunne MP. Chair : Bob Stewart DSO MP
09/07/2018 The Middle East in Flux (2) HE Omar Al-Nahar, Jordanian Ambassador in London. Chairman : Col Bob Stewart DSO, MP
04/06/2018 Tackling terrorism in the UK ex AC Mark Rowley; Chair Khalid Mahmood MP
14/03/2018 What's happening in Iran? Head of BBC Persia Service. Chairman : Bob Stewart DSO MP
31/01/2018 100 years since the October Revolution Professor Jeremy Black MBE Chair: Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP. Sponsor : Andrea Jenkyns MP
16/01/2018 NATO, Russia, Daesh General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, former D-SACEUR. Chair : Col Bob Stewart DSO MP
20/12/2017 The Middle East in Flux Lt General Sir Simon Mayall. Chairman : Baroness Falkner of Magravine
13/12/2017 Brexit, defence and security Peter Watkins, Director General, Security Policy, MoD. Chairman Jack Lopresti MP
04/12/2017 Charities and extremism William Shawcross, outgoing chairman, Charities Commission. Chairman : Douglas Chapman MP
10/07/2017 Operations and mental health Professor Sir Simon Wessely. Chairman Kevan Jones MP
27/06/2017 Defence in the new Parliament Francis Tusa. Chairman Jack Lopresti MP
26/04/2017 Russia Dr Kristina Spohr, Maj Gen Mungo Melvin. Chairman Sir Gerald Howarth MP
28/03/2017 Facing the future General Sir Richard Barrons, former Cdr, Joint Forces Command. Chairman : Rt Hon Gisela Stuart MP
27/02/2017 Sunni and Shia - Islam's house divided Prof Malise Ruthven. Chairman : Baroness Falkner of Magravine
08/02/2017 The Transatlantic relationship Lew Lukens, Us Deputy Head of Mission/Acting Ambassador in London
17/01/2017 South China Sea (3) David Lin, Head of Taiwan Representative Office. Chairman : Sarah Champion MP
15/11/2016 The Gulf and defence relationships with UK Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain, HE Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Chair : Jack Lopresti MP
01/11/2016 Challenges for ROK diplomacy HE Joonkook Hwang, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea. Chair : Sir Gerald Howarth MP
13/09/2016 Sub Saharan Africa Solomon Mugera, Regional Editor for BBC Africa. Chair : Chi Onwaruh MP
05/07/2016 Defence after the Referendum (R Adm) Chris Parry, Sandy Johnston, Francis Tusa Chair : Sir Gerald Howarth MP
23/05/2016 South China Sea (1) Bill Hayton. Chairman : Sir Gerald Howarth MP
14/03/2016 Iran yesterday and today Prof Ali Ansari. Chairman : Khalid Mahmood MP
29/02/2016 Reflections Mrs Elizabeth Dibble, Minister, US Embassy in London. Chairman : Lord Touhig
08/02/2016 SDSR 2015 - Reflections Philip Dunne MP, Minister of State, DEST Sponsor : Judith, Baroness Jolly
21/12/2015 70th anniversary of death of Gen George S patton Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP Chair : Jack Lopresti MP
14/12/2015 Third offset strategy Dr Andrew Tyler Chairman : John, Lord Lee of Trafford
10/06/2015 Transport security and CT update Chair : Khalid Mahmood. Current and former senior police officers
17/03/2015 Towards SDSR - Part 2 - Parameters and choices Professor Michael Clarke. Chairman : Lord Lee of Trafford
09/02/2015 Towards SDSR - Part 1 Prof Francois Heisbourg Chairman ; Professor Lord (Peter) Hennessy
14/01/2015 Whatever happened to SAR? Chairman : Alison Seabeck MP. John Stock
15/12/2014 Treaty of Ghent bi-centenary Chair : Sir Bob Russell MP Sponsor : Rt Hon Lord Clark of Windermere
18/11/2014 Tackling extremist threats Chairman : Khalid Mahmood MP. Haras Rafiq, Quilliam Foundation. Steve Killela, Global Terrorism Index. Dr Julian Lewis MP
15/10/2014 Transformation of Defence Philip Dunne MP, Min DEST
04/07/2014 Great War Battlefields tour
03/07/2014 Waterloo 199 Mil Reps from participating nations
01/07/2014 The Balkans - book ending the Great War Author John Hughes Wilson and film maker John Everard. Chairman ; Lord Maginiss of Drumglass
17/06/2014 The Korean Peninsula HE The Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
10/06/2014 Challenges in Russia's Near Abroad Chair : Rt Hon Sir John Randall MP
25/03/2014 Jordan's pivotal role in the Middle East Speaker : HE Mazan Homoud Chairman : Crispin Blunt MP
05/03/2014 security issues after Snowdon Speaker : Sir John Scarlett; Chair : Rt Hon Baroness Taylor of Bolton
14/02/2014 Visit to Brussels Briefings from NATO and UK military staff
13/02/2014 UK and defence institutions in Europe Cdre Tom McBarnet,Dep UK MilRep. Chairs : Bob Stewart DSO MP and John Woodcock MP
05/02/2014 International defence procurement Speakers : Tim Rowntree, OCCAR ; Claude-France Arnould, EDA. Chairman : Sir Peter Luff MP
13/01/2014 Our friends in South America A tour d'horizon with academic and other specialists. Chair : Baroness Hooper CMG
17/12/2013 Air Attaches annual dinner
04/12/2013 Defence in Wales Review of MoD and industry footprints and potential Chair : Chris Evans MP
05/11/2013 3rd Anniversary of Anglo-French Defence Treaty Rear Adm Henri Schricke, French Defence Attache. Chair : Sir Nick Harvey MP
15/10/2013 Back to Civvy Street AVM Tony Stables, AVM Ray Lock, Prog Neil Greenberg on mental health issue and armed forces leavers. Chair : Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP
01/07/2013 The US "pivot" towards Asia Brig Gen John Quintas, US Defence Attache Chair : Thomas Docherty MP
11/06/2013 Cyber security - NATO's approach Prof Jamie Shea Chairman : Bob Stewart DSO, MP
20/05/2013 Russia's view Speaker : H E Dr Alexander Yakovenko Chairman : Harriet Baldwin MP
24/04/2013 "Dining out" 4 Mechanized Brigade Officers back from Afghanistan, Chairman : James Gray MP
19/03/2013 Op Telic 10th anniversary Lt Gen Robin Brims CB, CBE, DSO, former commander of 1st Armoured Division. Chairman : Julian Brazier TD MP
26/02/2013 Defence and an independent Scotland Professor Malcom Chalmers and Francis Tusa. Chairman : Lord Moonie
15/01/2013 Regional developments H E the Turkish Ambassador. Chairman : Lord Rogan
19/12/2012 Sea Power in the 21st century Author Chris Parry. Chairman : Hon Bernard Jenkin MP
01/12/2012 Introductory visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Meetings with Majilis Ash Shura, Government Ministers and Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority
26/11/2012 "Dining out" 12 Mechanised Brigade Senior officers from the Brigade. Chair : James Gray MP
23/10/2012 Strategic pressures in the eastern Mediterranean John Hughes-Wilson
11/09/2012 Talking to the Taliban Professor Anatol Lieven
16/07/2012 Saudi Arabia : Unawakened? Professor Madawi al-Rasheed , Sir William Patey. Chair : General Lord Guthrie of Cragiebank
05/07/2012 Afghanistan dilemmas Experts returned from Afghanistan
19/06/2012 "Dining out" 20 Armoured Brigade Senior officers from the Brigade. Chair : James Gray MP
21/05/2012 Cyber security Cabinet Office, MoD Chair : Baroness Neville-Jones
24/04/2012 Op Ellamy reflections Chief of the Air Staff, Royal Navy and RAF commanders. Chairman : James Gray MP
20/03/2012 Current issues Ursula Brennan, Permanent Secretary, MoD Chair : Lord Lee of Trafford
21/02/2012 Soft power with ref to the Arab Spring BBC World Service, UK Government's Stabilisation Unit. Chair : Sarah Newton MP
25/01/2012 The defence contribution of smaller nations HE the Danish Ambassador Chairman : Anne McIntosh MP
21/11/2011 Peace after our war US journalist Ann Jones on the future of Afghanistan
07/11/2011 "Incoming" - a play by Sir Andrew Motion By kind permission of the Administration Committee of the House of Commons
31/10/2011 "Dining out" 3 Commando Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade. Chairman : James Gray MP
11/10/2011 Is strategy too important to be left to Generals? Maj Gen Mungo Melvin CB OBE Chairman : Keith Simpson MP
04/07/2011 Current operations Lt Gen Richard Barrons, DCDS (Ops). Chairman : Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP
27/06/2011 RAF gallantry awards celebration Personnel who have served on operations. Chairman : Lord Hamilton of Epsom
21/06/2011 "Dining out" 16 Air Assault Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade. Chairman : James Gray MP
08/06/2011 Resilience issues Range of speakers. Chairman : Lord Moonie
16/05/2011 Procurement issues Min DEST Chairman : Andrew Miller MP
22/03/2011 Intelligence issues Chief of Defence Intelligence. Chairman : Mark Pritchard MP
09/02/2011 The Franco-British Treaty Contre Admiral Edouard-Charles de Coriolis. Chairman : Lord Lee of Trafford
18/01/2011 The Middle East - "future tense?" Maj General Jonathan Shaw. Sponsor - Ben Wallace MP
06/12/2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review - an update Vice Admiral Paul Lambert - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff. Chairman : Lord Clark of Windermere
30/11/2010 Pakistan - Threat or threatened? Professor Anatol Lieven, King's College London. Chairman : Andrew Stephenson MP
23/11/2010 "Dining out" 4 Mechanised Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade. Chairman : James Gray MP
09/11/2010 New challenges Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb and Lt Col Richard Williams. Chairman : Col Bob Stewart DSO MP
26/10/2010 RAF gallantry awards celebration Personnel who have served on operations. Chairman : Madeleine Moon MP
20/10/2010 Countering terrorism inside the UK Assistant Commissioner John Yates QPM. Chair : Bernard Jenkin MP
20/07/2010 Counter IEDs Three bomb disposal experts. Sponsor : Mark Lancaster MP
06/07/2010 Chemical and biological weapons in terrorist hands? Professor Peter Blain, Medical Toxicology Department, University of Newcastle. Sponsor : Lord Moonie
07/06/2010 "Dining out" 11 Light Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade. Sponsor : James Gray MP
02/06/2010 Towards the Strategic Defence Review General Sir Nick Houghton, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff - sponsor Rt Hon Lord Clark of Windermere
23/03/2010 Israel and Palestine (Brig) John Deverell. Sponsor : Adam Holloway MP
08/03/2010 General Election issues Sir Robert Worcester - Founder of MORI - Sponsor - Madeleine Moon MP
24/02/2010 Annual Security Dinner Charles Farr, Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism at the Home Office. - Chairman - Lord Lee of Trafford
12/01/2010 Role of the RAF Regiment Air Commodore Steven Abbott - Commandant-General of the RAF Regiment - Sponsor - Gerald Howarth MP
08/12/2009 Afghanistan: the current situation H.E. Ambassador Homayoun Tandar – Afghanistan’s ambassador to Britain - Sponsor - Dr. Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
30/11/2009 "Dining out" 19 Light Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade - Sponsor - James Gray MP
03/11/2009 Defence Procurement: an Australian view Air Commodore Steve Martin AM - Head of the Australian Defence Staff (London) and Mr. Nigel Morris - Counsellor Defence (Materiel) - Sponsor - Rt Hon John Spellar MP
19/10/2009 Current Defence issues Kevan Jones MP - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence (Minister for Veterans) - Sponsor - Kevan Jones MP
13/07/2009 Current security issues Admiral Lord West of Spithead, Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
02/06/2009 Afghanistan-Pakistan Professor Anatol Lieven - Sponsor - Rt Hon John McFall MP
18/05/2009 Current issues in European Defence H.E. Carles Casajuana, Ambassador of Spain - Sponsor - Lord Lee of Trafford
29/04/2009 Welcome Home for RAF medal winners Gerald Howarth MP and RAF Benevolent Fund - Sponsor - Gerald Howarth MP
22/04/2009 U K defence exports Richard Paniguian, Head of Defence & Security Organisation - Sponsor - Lord Hamilton of Epsom
09/03/2009 NAO and MoD : scrutinising major projects Tim Banfield, Director, National Audit Office - Sponsor - Rt Hon John McFall MP
25/02/2009 Defence procurement Dr Andrew Tyler, COO, DE&S
23/02/2009 "Dining out" 7 Armoured Brigade Senior officers of the Brigade - Sponsor - James Gray MP
14/01/2009 Reflections on defence after the French Presidency of the EU, and potential for further co-operation with the UK (Second night) Admiral Tainguy, Defence Attache, French Embassy in London - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
13/01/2009 Reflections on defence after the French Presidency of the EU, and potential for further co-operation with the UK (First night) Admiral Tainguy, Defence Attache, French Embassy London - Sponsor - Lord Clark of Windermere
03/11/2008 The role of politicians in peacemaking Lesley Abdela - CEO of Project Parity - Sponsor - Sarah McCarthy-Fry MP
22/10/2008 Innovation in defence Professor Keith O'Nions, Imperial College, former Chief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence - Sponsor - Rt Hon John Spellar MP
07/07/2008 Pakistan and the War on Terrorism Prof Shaun Gregory, University of Bradford - Sponsor - Nick Harvey MP
24/06/2008 Defence Equipment & Support Baroness Taylor of Bolton, Minister for Defence Equipment & Support
21/05/2008 Security issues Sir Richard Mottram, former Security and Intelligence Adviser to the Prime Minister - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
23/04/2008 Tour de Horizon Sir Bill Jeffrey, Permanent Secretary, MoD - Lord Hamilton of Epsom
01/04/2008 The Territorial Army Major General Simon Lalor - Sponsor - Julian Brazier MP
19/03/2008 Future security Rear Adm Chris Parry - retired Director General Development, Concepts and Doctrine - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
05/03/2008 Veterans' Affairs Derek Twigg MP, Minister for Veterans - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
04/12/2007 Life support in the British armed forces Commander Toby Elliott, Combat Stress; Lt Col Jerome Church, British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
21/11/2007 Update on defence review Rt Hon Adam Ingram MP
29/10/2007 Reflections on an organisation undergoing change Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, former Director General, MI5 - Sponsor - Rt Hon Baroness Taylor of Bolton
25/07/2007 The Royal Navy Admiral Burnell-Nugent - Commander in Chief Fleet - Sponsor - Rt Hon John McFall MP
10/07/2007 Intelligence Issues Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG, former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence - Sponsor - Rt Hon Lord King of Bridgwater
15/05/2007 Farewell dinner General Sir Mike Jackson, outgoing Chief of the General Staff - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
01/05/2007 Educating the military Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely KCB MC, Director Defence Academy of the United Kingdom - Lord Moonie
17/04/2007 The future of air power Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, Chief of the Air Staff - Sponsor - Gerald Howarth MP
06/03/2007 Research and technology Richard H Maudslay FREnd CBE, Chairman of DSTL - Sponsor - Lord Hamilton of Epsom
05/02/2007 New challenges in defence Bill Jeffrey CB, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence - Sponsor - Lord Clark of Windermere
10/01/2007 Patrons' Dinner Sponsor - John Smith MP
12/12/2006 An update on trans-atlantic relationships after the NATO summit in Riga David T Johnson, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy in London - Sponsor - Kevan Jones MP
01/12/2006 Breakfast meeting Senator Richard Luger - Sponsor - Linda Gilroy MP
01/11/2006 Integrated military capability Lt Gen Sir Robert Fulton KBE
19/07/2006 From Iran to Afghanistan: What not to do Dr Andrew Krepinevich, Executive Director of the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments - Sponsor - Tobias Ellwood MP
18/07/2006 Future senior commanders Admiral the Lord Boyce - Sponsor - Rt Hon John McFall MP
28/06/2006 The current situation in Pakistan and environs Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan Khan, Spokesman for President General Pervez Musharraf of Pakisstan
24/05/2006 Iraq and after Lt Gen Robin Brims DSO CBE, Commander, Field Army - Sponsor - Bob Russell MP
01/05/2006 European defence procurement Nick Witney, Chief Executive, European Defence Agency
28/02/2006 Homeland security Bruce Mann, Head of Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Cabinet Office - Sponsor - Gerald Howarth MP
14/02/2006 Update on the current situation Dr Salah Al Shaikhly, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iraq - Sponsor - Andrew Robathan MP
30/01/2006 Defence and security Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP
10/01/2006 Doing business across the Atlantic John Ririe, Office of Defence Cooperation, US Embassy - Sponsor - Michael Moore MP
22/11/2005 Integrated military capability Lt. Gen. Sir Robert Fulton
25/10/2005 Farewell dinner for Permanent Secretary Sir Kevin Tebbit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence
06/07/2005 Homeland security - an American perspective Governor Tom Ridge, Former US Secretary for Homeland Defence - Sponsor - Lord Moonie
20/06/2005 European institutions and defence Sandy Johnson, First Secretary, UKREP, Brussels - Sponsor - Rt Hon Bruce George MP
07/06/2005 Annual Patrons' Dinnner Sponsor - Lord Clark of Windermere
08/03/2005 Current issues Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP - Secretary of State for Defence
31/01/2005 Ukrainian and other elections Rt Hon Bruce George MP - Leader OSCE Election Monitoring Groups
11/01/2005 Defence exports Alan Garwood - Head of Defence Export Services Organisation - Sponsor - Rt Hon Lord Clark of Windermere
08/11/2004 Conservative response to defence issues Honourable Nicholas Soames - Shadow Secretary of Defence - Sponsor - Honourable Nicholas Soames MP
18/10/2004 Saudi Arabia today Eric Morris - UK Defence Forum's Saudi Arabia watcher - Sponsor - Lawrie Quinn MP
08/09/2004 Current issues Rt Hon Adam Ingram MP - Minister for the Armed Forces
06/07/2004 Personnel issues Lt General Anthony Palmer - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel) MOD
17/05/2004 Current security issues Eliza Manningham-Buller - Head of Security Service
04/05/2004 PFI Policy for the Treasury Geoffrey Spence - Sponsor - Julian Lewis MP
20/04/2004 PRC Perspective on Global Issues His Excellency Zha Peizen Embassy of the People’s Republic Of China - Sponsor - Ben Chapman MP
01/03/2004 Battlespace Manoeuvre: capabilities and concepts Major General Richard Applegate Capability Manager (Manoeuvre) MOD
09/02/2004 Missile defence Dr Damian Leader – First Secretary; US Embassy
12/01/2004 Homeland Security Sir David Omand - Security adviser to the Prime Minister
25/11/2003 Towards Pax Americana – The Pentagon’s new map Professor Thomas Barnett / Professor Bradd Hayes
05/11/2003 Current issues Ivor Caplin MP - Minister for Veterans
16/10/2003 Patrons' Dinner
16/09/2003 Future capabilities and concepts Rear Admiral Charles Style – Capability Manager (Strategic Deployment)
01/07/2003 Challenges to European transnational defence industries Dr Thomas Enders, Executive Vice President & Head of Defence and Security Systems, EADS
01/06/2003 Battle for the airwaves: Working with the media in times of conflict Dr Jamie Shea, Deputy Director of Communications, NATO
01/05/2003 Risk management of defence programmes Mr David Gould, Deputy Chief Executive of Defence Procurement Agency
01/03/2003 Supporting British Defence Exports Mr Alan Garwood, Head of Defence Export Services Org
01/03/2003 Is Saudi Arabia a cause for concern Eric Morris, geopolitical consultant
01/02/2003 Developments in Defence Intelligence Air Marshall Sir Joseph French
01/01/2003 Iraq – before, during and after any conflict Dr Scilla Elworthy, Oxford Research Group
01/12/2002 Smart Acquisition – Annual Update Charles Draper, Director General Smart Acquisition
01/11/2002 Export Controls Mike O’Shea, Director Export Control & Non-Proliferation
01/10/2002 Patrons Dinner
01/07/2002 SDR: New Chapter Simon Webb, MoD Policy Director
01/06/2002 The Way The World's Changed- implications for defence equipment programmes Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham
01/04/2002 Anglo-American relations: defence, industrial political Glyn Davies, Minister at US Embassy, London
01/02/2002 R & D Update Sir John Chisholm, QinetiQ
01/01/2002 Terrorism - lessons from Northern Ireland Michael Mates, MP, General Sir Roger Wheeler, Air Marshal Sir Tim Garden
01/12/2001 Patrons Dinner Hosted by Lord Clark of Windermere
01/11/2001 British hopes and fears - following the events of Professor Robert Worcester, MORI
01/10/2001 Russian perspective on current events HE Grigory Karasin, Russian Ambassador
01/10/2001 Retirement dinner General the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE
01/07/2001 A non-UK perspective on the Joint Rapid Reaction Force Rear Admiral Hubert Hass, the Defence Attache for the Federal Republic of Germany
01/06/2001 The future of UK defence procurement Lord Bach, Minister for defence procurement
01/03/2001 Conservative defence policy Iain Duncan Smith MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
01/02/2001 The Trans Atlantic Technology Gap and Nato Research and Technology Policy Ken Peebles, Director of the Research and Technology Agency - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Andrew Sleigh, Director, Defence Solutions, DERA
01/02/2001 European defence Field Marshall the Lord Vincent and Richard Hatfield, policy director at the Ministry of Defence
01/01/2001 Holding the Executive to account on defence and defence industry matters Rt Hon Bruce George MP and Martin O'Neill MP
01/10/2000 Patrons' Dinner Hosted by Sir Archibald Hamilton MP
01/05/2000 Uninhabited vehicles Rt Hon Dr The Lord Gilbert, former Minister of State for Defence Procurement
01/04/2000 Defence logistics and related issues John Oughton, Deputy Chief of Defence Logistics Implementation
01/03/2000 The new Defence Electronic Commerce Service and personnel-related issues John Spellar, Minister of State for the Armed Forces
01/02/2000 Smart Procurement Update John Taylor, Team Leader, Smart Procurement Implementation, Ministry of Defence
01/12/1999 Launch of Smart Procurement book "Dancing with the Dinosaur" Bill Kincaid
01/11/1999 Patrons' Dinner Hosted by Rt Hon Dr David Clark MP and Rt Hon Sir Archibald Hamilton
01/07/1999 Equipment acquisition - reflections Sir David Davies, outgoing chairman of MoD EAC
01/07/1999 Patrons' dinner Hosted by Rt Hon Dr David Clark MP, Bruce George MP and Michael Colvin MP
01/06/1999 The Public Accounts Committee - a parliamentary watchdog for defence spending Rt Hon David Davis MP - Chairman of Public Accounts Committee
01/06/1999 Kosovo after the airwar - from ground campaign to reconstruction General Sir Robin Ross, Hugh Manning (Vice President Atlantic Council UK)
01/04/1999 The future of intelligence and security oversight Rt Hon Tom King MP
01/03/1999 The resource accounting initiative Colin Balmer - Deputy Under Secretary (Resources and programmes & finance)
01/02/1999 Future land systems Maj. Gen. David Jenkins Director General Land Systems
01/01/1999 Research and resource allocation Lt. Gen. Edmund Burton DCDS (Systems)
16/11/1998 Smart Procurement - update Simon Webb, Team Leader Smart Procurement Implementation
23/06/1998 The implication of Smart procurement Air Vice-Marshal P J O'Reilly, Director General Technical Services, President of the Ordnance Board, MoD
20/05/1998 Logistics Air Marshal Colin Terry, Air Member for Logistics
19/05/1998 European defence industry rationalisation Roger Liddle, Special Adviser, No 10 Policy Unit Mark Hendrick MEP
20/04/1998 Defence Diversification Agency John Chisholm, Chief Executive, DERA
30/03/1998 Strategic Defence Review Air Chief Marshal Sir John Willis
17/02/1998 Smart Procurement John Spellar MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence Professor Keith Hartley, Centre of Defence Economics, University of York
21/01/1998 Export Licencing Derek Fatchett MP, Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office Dr Alan M Fox, Assistant Under Secretary (Export Policy & Finance), Ministry of Defence
28/10/1997 Landmines - towards 100% detection and clearance Harry Cohen MP Col James Anderson, DDOR, (Engineering & NBC) John Hambly, Technical Manager, Engineering Equipment DERA, Chertsey Dr Duncan Tytler, Redifon MEL Peter Newnham, Research Business Manager, Thomson Missile Electronics Peter Renwick, Chief Designer, Pearson Engineering Phil Bean
29/09/1997 Strategic Defence Review Jon Day, Director, Defence Policy, Ministry of Defence Derek Marshall, Director, National Defence Industry Council Major General Alan Sharman, Director General, Defence Manufacturers Association
22/07/1997 European Defence Industry Consolidation Laurent Barthelemy, Defence Equipment Attaché, French Embassy Norbert Pipperger, First Counsellor Defence Research & Technology, German Embassy Dr Alan Kemp, Director of Strategy, GEC Marconi
11/06/1997 Oversight and Control Roger Jackling, Second Permanent Under Secretary of State for Defence Bruce George MP
11/03/1997 Defence after the General Election Air Marshal Sir Timothy Garden, Director, The Royal Institute of International Affairs Dr David Clark, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence Robin Ashby, Director, UK Defence Forum
11/02/1997 Commitments Tony Lloyd MP, Shadow Foreign Affairs Spokesman General Sir Robin Ross, former Commandant General Royal Marines Eric Morris, strategic consultant
14/01/1997 Exports Martin O'Neill MP, Chairman, Trade & Industry Select Committee Graham Smart, Director of Strategic Developments, Pilkington Optronics Sir Alan Thomas, former Head of DESO
26/11/1996 Defence procurement - procedures and prospects John Spellar, Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement Brigadier Bill Kincaid (Former DOR - Land) Keith Robinson, Managing Director, Lockheed Martin UK Government Systems
29/10/1996 Inter-relationship between defence spending and the long term industrial strength of the UK. Paul Murphy MP, Shadow Minister for Defence
29/10/1996 Change and managing change in the defence industry: a Trade Union perspective Jack Dromey, General Secretary, TGWU